Quality Assurance:

Quality is the major ingredient of our Hi-tech electrical control & management equipment from start till end we ensure our products longer maintenance free operation and optimum comfort to our clients. To ensure human safety and best services to our valued clients with a professional support at a most economical price. Classic Switchgear Pakistan being a local company is performing at international standard with their professional approach and manufacturing delicacy.

Highest quality standards:

Product quality is strictly monitored at CSP to ensure that the most stringent requirements of British and International standards and the Electricity Association Technical Specifications are met.  Our skilled production engineers continuously improve the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing processes, employing the latest lean manufacturing techniques to deliver the highest quality products..

Environmental protection:

TO Protect our industrial environment, We have taken the following steps:-

-To keep always neat & clean production hall.

-All manufacturing machinery / equipment and tools should be clean and in perfect working order to avoid any type of leakage and wastes.

-Waste of Lathe machine, drill machine and small cut pieces of electrical wires should be disposed properly.

-Power generator should be in good working condition to avoid smoke pollution.

-To make the environment of our factory pollution free we have started planting of trees and green grass around it.